United Martial Arts and Fitness Philosophy

The Philosophy of martial arts has an incredibly long lineage and a historical influence. At UMF Academy we believe in the authentic tradition and see that this is woven into the fabric of who we are. We believe in the way of the warrior. We follow this tradition in how we structure our classes and conduct our Academy. As part of this philosophy we emphasise courage, honor, duty, respect, benevolence, wisdom, honesty, loyalty, rectitude, and wisdom.

Holding to the truth and authenticity of traditional philosophy at UMF Academy and across all our classes we see the aim of martial arts and training in martial arts not about victory or defeat but about perfecting your character.

We believe that pursuit of mastery in technique both mental and physical, pursuit of excellence, respect for others, avoidance of violence and being faithful and true to self is a valuable and worthy goal for every individual regardless of background, skill level or age.

We believe in training protect yourself and training both mind and body and that the warriors way is not to attack or harm others but to exercise discipline, self-control and restraint.

At UMF Academy our Sifu is like a father who empowers his children to do and achieve their very best opening the way for a happy, peaceful and effective life, where children work hard strive and achieve their own goals whilst caring for the wider community