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Little Dragon’s is UMF Academy’s exclusive and specialised Wing Chun Kung Fu program for children aged from 4-7 years of age. These classes incorporate physical martial arts skills which improve your child’s fitness as well as assisting them develop values and a positive attitude that will improve their school experience and relationships throughout their life.

Martial Arts training should raise a child’s self-esteem and build character and confidence. To achieve this our Little Dragon’s program offers a range of activities that address the different needs of children at different developmental stages of their early lives.

These classes involve the introduction of general martial arts skills through games and fun activities, we want our Little Dragons to learn through play. At the same time they also learn basic self-defence skills, balance, co-ordination, and basic techniques from Wing Chun Kung Fu, the martial art Bruce Lee trained in.

Our program teaches children many different yet important safety skills including fire safety, safety in relation to strangers and anti-bullying intelligence. UMF Academy offers the Bully Buster program integrated within our curriculum. The classes offer martial arts skills for personal safety including skills to improve awareness and educate your child on how to keep themselves safe and how to respond in a bullying scenario.

The program also educates children on how to utilise their voice and be assertive a very important skill for both boys and girls. This skill is really important in the school system as children who can express their thoughts and when they need more explanation of a concept drive their own learning and achieve more at school. It has been well documented that girls will also often lose their voice as they get older and tend not to speak up in class so it is very important to encourage this skill at an early age.

Little Dragons focuses on the qualities of Focus, Discipline, Teamwork, Confidence, 100% Effort, Family, Commitment and Respect. Learning these qualities assists children in the age group of 4-8years to make a successful transition from kindergarten to school. Often parents worry about how their child will make this transition particularly when they are active and full of energy and seem to struggle with sitting still.

Having your children practicing these skills at Little Dragon’s each week and within the class practicing how to follow instructions, to have clear focus on the task at hand translates very easily ito skills that will allow them to do well once they are required to demonstrate the same skills with their teachers at school.

Little Dragons at UMF Academy allows your children to learn and grow in a student-centred environment that accommodates their individual skills and abilities allowing them to feel comfortable in our training environment and capable of achieving more.

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UMF Academy are invested in character development and to this end are the only North Queensland Martial Arts Academy to be accredited in Dr. Robyn Silverman’s Powerful Words and have integrated this program into every class.

Dr. Robyn Silverman is an Industry Leading Child Development Expert, Professional Speaker and Author and also the Founder and Creator of the Powerful Words Character System.
In 2006, the Powerful Words Character Development was made available to the martial arts industry and has steadily grown in popularity as well as effectiveness in helping top level programs to go above and beyond in delivering an exceptional values education to their students and their families. Powerful Words is the #1 leading Personal Development System for the after school activity industry.

The Powerful Words Character Development System provides your child with lessons on respect, self-control, responsibility, confidence, sportsmanship and other character based concepts, helping your child to become their very best at home, at school, and out in the community.

So enrolling in Little Dragon’s at UMF not only will your child receive a top notch physical curriculum, they will also experience the very best character lessons with their teacher spending time each month discussing with them the Powerful Word of the month. All lessons are age-appropriate so that every child can participate, understand, and feel appropriately challenged. The children will be involved in the conversations and will be encouraged to ask questions and comment. When children are engaged, they are more likely to retain and use the information discussed.

Words can uplift and values education is paramount to assisting your child develop a balanced mind as they develop their physical skills. At UMF Academy we are accredited to offer a wholistic training for your child so that they can develop the skills to live a happy and productive life.

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