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FREE Anti-Bullying Program

Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical, school, and mental health issues. Kids who are bullied are more likely to experience depression and anxiety, increased feelings of sadness and loneliness, changes in sleep and eating patterns, and loss of interest in activities they used to enjoy.

UMF Academy offers a free monthly Anti-bullying Program [Bully Busters] for ages 4-7 years and 8-12 years. This program is aimed at helping children of all ages overcome the negative impact of bullying. Students will learn how to identify, avoid being a target of, and stop bullying through understanding awareness and being able to deflect conflict and negative interactions.

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As parents we want our children to feel safe and happy so we need them to be resilient and be able to stand up for themselves and be assertive when they need. We need them to have a good moral compass and to be able to navigate often complicated social situations at school and with peers. This is something we all need to learn as we move through our childhood and grow up but it’s not easy.

As parents we sometimes don’t have all the answers to our children’s questions in how to deal with bullying and be able to successfully side step it or diffuse it. UMF Academy Bully Buster Program is excellent as it teaches children 12 positive behaviours to impact a bullying encounter. It teaches them to speak assertively and to know they can reach out to you or to their teacher should an uncomfortable situation arise.

Education is the key and the things they learn at UMF Academy will fortify them with knowledge they can apply anytime they see a bullying situation occurring if it is happening to them or someone else. It can make them feel calm confident and able to respond in a positive manner in the playground.

Come along to this free monthly program and let your child experience the curriculum for themselves.

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