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Being a student of Wing Chun Kung Fu at UMF Academy is learning the Martial Art Bruce Lee trained in. Many martial artists have desired to know how and what made Bruce Lee such a devastating and inspirational fighter.

UMF Academy offer traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu training from the essence of its historical beginnings. Sifu Pablo Cardenas is qualified by Grand Master William Cheung who was a friend and teacher to Bruce Lee, and because of this enviable training has first-hand knowledge of a level of mastery of Wing Chun to an exacting standard.

At UMF Academy you will learn the same Martial Art Principles as Bruce Lee:

1. Relaxed Body and Relaxed Mind
Bruce Lee said: “No matter what you want to do, don’t be nervous; you should not let your muscles nor your mind be effected by nerves”. Training at UMF you will not only learn Wing Chun technique you will train in keeping calm both within your body and within your mind.

Wing Chun Kung Fu is a Martial Art that will allow you to apprehend the actual situation you are in, even under pressure, and find a way to deal with it. You will train to understand that no excessive action is needed, and the importance of keeping your body and mind calm to deal with any outside emergency.

Wing Chun taught from its historical essence trains the Martial Artist to manage their mind and body not from a perspective of illusion and imagination but to assess the reality of the situation and choose the most efficient response.

2. Cultivating the Desire to Win from the Heart
Bruce Lee understood that in a confrontation, you must desire to win from your heart.

You must know you are worthy to win and believe in yourself. Wing Chun Kung Fu training at UMF Academy builds authentic and realistic self-esteem, empowering you as the Martial Artist to feel worthy beyond ego to win an encounter.

3. Visual Acuity
Your eyes should be able to pick up as much information as possible prior to and during engaging in a physical struggle. Watching the elbows and the knees is also essential to getting the best result. Awareness and visual acuity and steadfast focus is important to the Martial Artist.

The Wing Chun Kung Fu classes at UMF Academy will train you in how to best use your eyes as the eyes supply the vital visual information available within the current situation, in how to utilise focus so you don’t miss any vital details and your awareness so your assessment is not skewed or polluted by other influences. This will make you the most focussed and aware martial artist

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1. Balance and Speed
When you are training in Wing Chun Kung Fu with a traditional Sifu you will find you are training to be balanced at all times and to maximise your mobility and stability. Training at UMF Academy you will develop balance and conditioning so that you are prepared for any situation.

Wing Chun Kung Fu enables you to build muscle and develop power without losing speed.

One of the most important discoveries within Wing Chun training is that Wing Chun teaches you to train with the individual muscle or group of muscles first, then co-ordinates the movement together by combining the muscles to make a collective movement in order to get the most out of every technique. These techniques are based on both biomechanics and science.

You will have the opportunity to develop both speed and power and the understanding that this comes from relaxation and co-ordination which has everything to do with mind and body balance.

2. Effort and Energy
Wing Chun trains you in the art of neutralizing the effect of the opponent’s effort and minimizing expenditure of your own energy. In our classes you will train to be able to do this in calmness and without striving. And while this may sound simple, in actual application it takes dedication.

We teach our students never to assert themselves against nature: never be in frontal opposition to any problem, but control it by swinging with it.

Wing Chun is unique in that it is based on developing “thought force” (or intent), and combining this with relaxation and proper body structure to provide a powerful and effective means of self-defence. There is an emphasis on relaxation of the muscles to allow one’s body and skeletal structure to withstand great force as well as deal with attacks more freely and easily. Thus there is little to no emphasis placed on brute force or strength, and great emphasis placed on technique and principles of movement.

3. No Ego
A normal response when the untrained person engages in combat with an opponent, their mind becomes completely perturbed and unstable. Especially after a series of exchanging blows and kicks. Often the one thought left was somehow or another that they must beat their opponent that they must win.

Wing Chun Kung Fu at UMF Academy students are trained to relax and to calm their minds. Training dictates that they come from a place of no ego and forget about themselves and follow their opponent’s movement. That they let their mind, and the basic reality, do the counter-movement without any interfering deliberation. Above all, learning the art of detachment.

Wing Chun is a true martial art with ever increasing levels of depth depending on the skill developed by the student. It is based on technique, but more importantly, has underlying tradition and philosophies’ based on science, simplicity and directness.

Wing Chung training at UMF Academy will enable you to start a new lifestyle based on traditional principles where you can train hard and smart and achieve results. Wing Chun Kung Fu is not a combat sport and UMF Academy is a friendly, supportive and safe training environment.

You do not need to be strong an athletic to learn self-defence everyone is welcome.

Benefits of our exclusive programs
• Improved flexibility and coordination
• Improved strength and fitness
• Improved confidence and focus
• Learn effective self-defence skills

You will learn
• Defensive tactics
• Armed and unarmed strategies
• Knife, gun, stick weapon defence
• Multiple attackers
• Crisis rehearsal

We are sure that once you experience traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu for yourself, you will be dedicated for a long time to come.

Contact UMF Academy today to arrange your Free Introductory Lesson, and find more information about the benefits of Wing Chun Kung Fu taught in a traditional manner.

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