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United Martial Arts and Fitness offer lean and fit kickboxing workouts certified and tested by kickboxing legend Benny ‘The Jet’ Urquidez. Our Academy is proudly associated with and teaching Benny ‘The Jet’s’ dynamic kickboxing system for those looking for premium training as well as the everyday athlete, both men and women.


Benny ‘The Jet’ is unprecedented in ring history, he is the only fighter to have retained six World Championships in five weight divisions for 24 consecutive years with a professional fighting record of 200 wins and zero (0) losses! Benny ‘The Jet’ has a World Title Defence Record that stands at 63 wins and zero (0) losses, with 57 knockouts. He is the longest reigning world champion ever in the history of the sport; a feat never seen before and never seen since.


Based on his unprecedented understanding of the sport and his unique insight into what it takes to be an absolute champion in the ring, and in life, Benny ‘The Jet’ certified and tested the Jet KickboxingTM training system offered at UMF


This unique curriculum offers drills and exercises to take your training to the next level and to maximise the benefit from your training time including:
• Endurance Training
• Quick Recovery
• Flexibility Training
• Timing, Balance, Coordination and Gapping
• How to deal with emotions under pressure
• Training the body in how to accept impact
• Added self-confidence and the “Mental Edge”
• Training in how to access your Power


The Jet Kickboxing Curriculum is built on Benny ‘The Jet’s’ Five Rules of Fighting giving you the edge in your training.
These rules are:
1. Never move back in a straight line; always move side to side
2. Never set long enough for my opponent to think about what to do
3. Redirect; never take my opponent’s energy head on
4. Fight your opponent as he fights you; take his confidence away from his weapons
5. Place your opponent where you want him; discover your opponent’s habits by testing his reactions under pressure


Come and train in this premium structured curriculum and get the most benefit from the time you put into training!


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Benefits of Jet Kickboxing for the Everyday Athlete


You may to choose to train in Jet KickboxingTM as an everyday athlete to provide yourself with many health and lifestyle benefits including the following:

Self Defence
Jet KickboxingTM incorporates the most effective hand, knee, elbow, and foot techniques with an intense cardio workout. The kickboxing method of self-defence enables you to protect yourself in real life situations.


Stress Management
Everyday stress from work and life needs to be released from our minds and bodies and we need to achieve this in an effective, ongoing manner so it doesn’t build up and become detrimental to our health and relationships. Jet Kickboxing offers a system in our life that allows us to let stress go. That’s why Jet KickboxingTM is so popular with men and women within our Academy.


The Jet KickboxingTM workout burns off excess energy, relieves built-up tension and promotes a sense of calm. Each kickboxing class becomes a release and relief and allows you to step back into your daily life fortified and able to respond to whatever is next.


Physical Health
With Jet KickboxingTM classes you gain mental clarity and a physically fit body. Jet KickboxingTM classes have an innovative variation of quick jabs, power punches, and kicks, blended together to get you to burn over 800 calories per hour. These classes will improve your circulation, give you healthy vibrant skin and toned muscles. Jet Kickboxing is the best way to build your cardiovascular endurance, develop a stronger body and gain confidence in the way you look.


Love kickboxing…you will really love Jet KickboxingTM at United Martial Arts and Fitness! Book your free trial class today!


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